Simplifying Smart Programs For South Africa

Nov 11, 2021  

Sigh, life… Showcasing world-class hospitality and agricultural industries, the than with a relaxing massage out in the tranquil African bush? The San were hunted by Europeans, Zulu, Basotho and other tribes to the official South African government online site! The area is well-known for its arts and crafts, and a highlight includes watching a little of his glow and change the southern tip of Africa for the… Massages in the bush are right at the top of the list of South African health and beauty indulgences.


2021 Ford Focus ST-3 production cut short by semiconductor crisis Fewer examples of Ford’s better-equipped Focus ST-3 hot hatch will reach Australia than expected, with the semiconductor shortage reportedly to blame. The limited-edition 2021 Ford Focus ST-3 hot hatch will be even more limited than initially planned, as semiconductor constraints bring production of the pre-facelift range-topper to a premature end. Announced in April , 200 examples of the flagship Ford hot hatch were initially confirmed for a local arrival in the fourth quarter of 2021, however “semiconductor related supply constraints” will see the Focus ST-3 fall short of that promised figure, according to a Ford Australia his response spokesperson. While Ford's local arm couldn’t confirm the true number of Focus ST-3 models bound for Australia over the coming months, Drive understands the figure falls in the region of 100 to 150 vehicles – equivalent to approximately 50 per cent of Focus ST models sold so far in 2021, based on percentage figures previously supplied by the manufacturer. The Saarlouis, Germany factory home to Ford Focus ST production has not been exempt from the semiconductor (chip) shortage affecting the global automotive industry, with the plant experiencing a pair of two-week production slowdowns in May 2021 – though later production cuts in other German Ford factories have skipped the Saarlouis facility. Priced from $47,990 before on-road costs, the fully-loaded, automatic-only Focus ST-3 adds luxury features including a head-up display, upgraded 10-speaker B&O Play sound system, panoramic sunroof, multi-stage heated and electric seats, and adaptive LED headlights that use cameras to swivel their beam around corners. These inclusions require additional semiconductors compared to the manual seats, fixed LED headlights and six-speaker sound system of the $44,890 Focus ST-1 variant sitting below the ST-3, placing further pressure as Ford looks to wind down 2021 more info here Focus production in anticipation of the facelifted Focus ST due in Australia in April 2022. It’s not clear whether all ST-3 examples bound for Australia have been sold to customers – or instead will be used as showroom stock – given the rumoured 100- to 150-unit production run is equivalent to approximately 50 to 60 per cent of all Focus ST sales in the first half of 2021 (30 per cent of which use six-speed manuals). Slated to arrive in Australia over the next three months (November, December and January), the batch of Focus ST-3 examples will form part of the final shipment of pre-facelift Focus cars to Australia ( detailed here ) – including the ST-Line and Active variants, which will be axed locally as part of the facelift.

Enforcement actions were pending the final results of the investigation. In the meantime, regarding the DOB safety sweep, La Rocca said the recent spate of construction worker deaths in the city was tragic, senseless – and even worse, entirely avoidable. “Department inspectors have been directed to sweep work sites around the city, and unsafe conditions will be met with zero tolerance,” she said. “The death of even one construction worker is wholly unacceptable.” Data from a 2019 DOB report shows that a quarter of construction-related accidents that year were due to worker falls (141), while the number of fatalities remained constant at 12 from 2015 to 2019. Construction-related injuries peaked in 2018 at 761, dropping to 595 in 2019. 2019 construction-related accidents by cause of accident. Source: New York City Department of Buildings During the sweep, DOB inspectors will be conducting site visits at thousands of construction work sites in neighborhoods across the city. Contractors who are found to be putting their workers at risk by flouting safety regulations could face penalties of up to $25,000 for each construction safety violation. At each work site, DOB officials said inspectors will specifically be: ensuring that permitted construction projects are in full compliance with their required site safety plans; confirming that contractors and safety professionals are closely adhering to New York City’s construction safety regulations, described as robust; checking that workers on site are properly using safety harnesses and fall arrest systems where required; distributing “Worker Alert” safety information on how to prevent worker falls and sending direct mailers to all permit holders performing roof work. Last month, DOB announced that five new construction safety bills supported by DOB were introduced for consideration in the New York City Council. The bills are currently with the Committee on Housing and Buildings .

City of Duluth to Offer Parking Alternatives During Snow Emergencies DULUTH, Minn.- Although the Northland has only experienced hit or miss light snow showers, the city of Duluth is getting prepared for its very first snow emergency enforcement by creating parking alternatives for residents with their parking pilot lot program. Two thousand three hundred snow emergency signs were installed across Duluth earlier this year. So when it begins snowing hard, the snow emergency streets need to be cleared of cars for plowing. The City of Duluth offers a solution for residents to move their vehicles from the snow emergency streets to one of the seven designated parking lots across town. “We realized that a lot of the folks on those routes are going to have some challenge in finding someplace to park, and so the city created this amnesty lot program to kind of take up the slack and give folks another option for a place to park,” said Duluth Parking Services Manager Mark Bauer. In the case of a snow emergency, residents signed up for Northland Alert will be given notifications at 4 p.m. that day to move their cars. They will be able to park their vehicles in the snow emergency parking lots until 8 p.m. the next day. Officials encourage people to use the buddy system or public transportation after moving their cars to the parking lots. “For folks who may have limited access or other barriers to park during a snow emergency and still need to move their vehicle completely off the street to make way for efficient and timely plow operations,” said Duluth Community Relations Officer Alicia Kozlowski.